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Colossal Mahler

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"COLOSSAL MAHLER!" (c) Milan Bátor, Feb 21, 2020
Ostrava heard the performance of the 6th Symphony by Gustav Mahler. On this unique occasion, the Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava joined forces with the young Russian conductor Stanislav KOCHANOVSKY, who is now increasingly respected among the conductors of prestigious orchestras and opera houses in Western and Central Europe, as well as in his native St.Petersburg.
Stanislav KOCHANOVSKY understood the work and mastered the score in the smallest detail. In Ostrava, he reaffirmed his reputation as a conductor who leads with extremely elegant movements, great flexibility and subtlety. KOCHANOVSKY avoided any "showmanhood", his leadership of the orchestra was rational, effective and influential. The goal was to clearly and first of all interpret Mahler’s thoughts in order to provide the orchestra with maximum scope for a variety of dynamic contrasts, tectonic dexterity, as well as relief expressive sound. 
The symphony was performed without interruption, causing a stormy standing ovation.