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Un beau concert russe de l'orchestre de Paris autour de Tchaïkovsky et Scriabine

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France TV info.fr / 20 Jan 2022
Unfortunately, in the near future we may not hear the choir of the Paris Orchestra, but the guest conductor, Stanislav Kochanovsky, has not canceled his participation, as well as Bertrand Chamaillou, the soloist of the only work from the previously announced program - Scriabin's piano concerto. The empty program was saved by Tchaikovsky ... and even with a surprise in the form of a magnificent discovery.
But the leader was there, this Stanislav Kochanovsky whom we had never heard of, shame on us: a Chekhovian elegance, not only in dress, appearance, fine light brown beard, tall and slender stature, but also in elegance, the suppleness of the beat, leaving moreover, so confident in the multi-headed instrument he had in front of him, his hand barely touching the air, in the most famous pieces like this Valse des fleurs de Casse-Noisette that the French musicians carry off with a Viennese chic. We would like to hear Kochanovsky in the New Year's concert, he would do wonders there, instilling, with the obligated Johann Strauss, a few dancing puffs from the North which reminds us how much Russia, culturally in any case, is very European. This is somewhat forgotten by politicians (his own too)
The art of Chamayou and Kochanovsky is to follow Jean Cocteau's principle to the letter, knowing how far you have to go too far. Impeccable lyricism, confusing virtuosity from a Chamayou who loves this concerto (he will tell us) and very accurate direction from a Kochanovsky who can rely on the qualities of the orchestra to build a rich, lyrical but airy, relying, as in Tchaikovsky on the virtuoso elegance of the winds and the cohesion of the strings.
But Kochanovsky, as a starter, had had the wonderful idea of ​​offering a work that we thought was an annex, that we are not sure (while we have been breathing Tchaikovsky since adolescence) of having ever heard and which made , just that, the whole first part of the concert: this Snégourotchka (The Snow Maiden), a legend torn to pieces…
The absolute chic of Casse-Noisette
Finally, excerpts from The Nutcracker, without Chamayou but with the celesta from the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Between a ball in the Tsar's palace and the spirit of Christmas in New York with the wooden soldiers. Kockanovsky conducts this (and the musicians respond) with absolute chic, convincing us if need be of the perfection of this music, pecking, depending on the intensity of the applause, a new dance or a new march, with the elegance of an increasingly minimalist gesture. So that little girls will forever have pink stars in their eyes and the desire to become dancers.