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Música para sibaritas

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Galicia Symphony Orchestra. M. Ioudenitch, violin. S. Kochanovsky, conductor.
Works by Shostakovich and Bartók. Opera Palace, October 20, 2023
Hugo Alvarez Dominguez, A Coruna / La Voz de Galicia
Eduardo Perez (c) photo
The third OSG subscription appointment proposed a risk program that resulted in one of those successes that demonstrates how the orchestra performs when it is in good hands. Stanislav Kochanovsky knows the repertoire inside out and Maria Ioudenitch was an exceptional soloist.
Memorable version of Shostakovich's Violin Concerto No.1 Kochanovsky (who takes his time starting out) conducted with great internal logic, from the intimate beginning to the more light-hearted moments that populate the work. He gave the orchestra the right temperature to embrace a María Ioudenitch who, without a particularly large sound, imposed a great presence due to her warmth, clarity and overwhelming intimacy (what a third movement!) in front of such a work. Impeccable and sensitive, she was virtuoso in the enormous cadenza that joins the third movement to the fourth and fine and resolute where the score demanded it. Let's highlight the vigor of the brass or the colors that Kochanovsky extracted from the orchestra in the finale; but, above all, the formidable amalgam between soloist and conductor. Applauded, Ioudenitch gave Bach: in the antithesis of what had just happened she showed herself to be equally skillful.
The second part was occupied by music by Bartók. Kochanovsky made the most of the OSG's capabilities. In the "Two pictures” for orchestra he calibrated the balance between the small details (impeccable woods in the first painting) and the global sounds (sensational strings in the second), enhancing how much expressionist this music has. From the suite from The "Wonderful Mandarin" he put together a meticulous, detailed and frenetic version, taking the orchestra's sound to the limit with wonderful results and showing the solidity of each section. The metals shined; but the whole set offered a very brilliant version.
Concert for foodies , one of those that we will remember when the season ends because of everyone's commitment.
La Voz de Galicia, 20 Oct 2023