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Кочановский представит три премьеры в Риме

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THURSDAY 11 April 2019, 19.30
FRIDAY 12 April 2019, 20.30
SATURDAY 13 April 2019,18:00
Orchestra e Coro dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
Stanislav KOCHANOVSKY, direttore
Benedetto LUPO. pianoforte
FEDELE Lexikon III, nuova commissione - world premiere - Music Up Close Network
TANEYEV Giovanni di Damasco, premiere in Rome
SCRIABIN Piano Concerto
STRAVINSKY Firebird, Suite
The concerts conducted by Stanislav Kochanovsky offer - in addition to the world première performance of Lexicon III, a piece Accademia di Santa Cecilia commissioned from Ivan Fedele as part of Europe's "Music Up Close" project - a "full immersion" in Russian music at the turn of the twentieth century, with well-known pieces and other, highly alluring works that are wholly to be discovered. The most well-known is the Suite from Stravinsky's The Firebird, a spectacular pinwheel of orchestral colours in a lush, striking instrumentation in line with the fable inspiring it. Scriabin's Piano Concerto, on the other hand, is imbued with an impassioned and romantic lyricism, not without presenting performance difficulties for a great virtuoso, in this case "our own" Benedetto Lupo. A surprise to be fully enjoyed is the cantata by Sergey Taneyev (pronounced "Tanyeyef"), Tchaikovsky's favourite pupil, a formidable pianist, and an intellectual of extraordinary erudition. His St. John of Damascus (1884), considered a "small Russian requiem," recounts - as if they were little icons - salient moments in the life of the Damascene who lived in the eighth century, later proclaimed a saint by both Catholics and the Orthodox, and a leading figure in the debate within the Church over the struggle against iconoclasm.